Team Band

In August 2018, Paris, France will host Gay Games 10.  Team Band will be involved in several different events throughout the city, giving us a chance to showcase the unique art form of concert and marching bands on a world stage.  We will perform in the Opening Ceremonies, in the historic Casino de Paris theatre, in the festival village in front of the Hotel de Ville, and several other small ensemble opportunities. Register now!

Artistic Leadership

3-4 Aug – Opening Ceremonies rehearsals – Radio France Studio/Stade Jean Bouin
4 Aug – Opening Ceremonies – Stade Jean Bouin
5-7 Aug – Gala/Outdoor Band rehearsals – Radio France Studio
8 Aug – Gala concert – Casino de Paris
9 Aug – Outdoor concert – Hotel de Ville
10 Aug – Last kiosk concert

What is a kiosk Concert? Kiosks are essentially gazebos around Paris specifically for performing arts.  Paris is asking us to hold kiosk performance groups to 20 people for a 30 minute performance. Beyond that, they’re whatever we want them to be.  This is the kiosk at Luxembourg Gardens.


We are currently working with KTS travel to establish a room block for Team Band. Details coming soon. Browse current travel packages at

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email the Team Band admins Derek Hassell and Moira Wilmes at