Presidents’ Circle

The Presidents’ Circle recognizes the visionary individuals whose personal dedication and philanthropic investment enable Lesbian and Gay Band Association to fulfill its mission of pride and visibility through music. Launched by LGBA past Presidents Doug Litwin, Russell Ben Williams, Judy Ames, Robb Blackwell and Adam DeRosa, the Presidents’ Circle recognizes individuals contributing $500 or more to support LGBA special events.

Recognition Criteria
The Presidents’ Circle recognizes donors whose leadership gifts equal or exceed $500 within a conference year. Gifts of cash between each LGBA conference will be recognized by membership in the Presidents’ Circle.

Membership Considerations
• A “Presidents’ Circle” sticker on the name tag of all current members at the annual LGBA Conference.
• An annual Honor Roll listing current Presidents’ Circle members on the LGBA website and in the concert program at the annual conference.
• Recognition of the Presidents’ Circle members at the conference concert by the current LGBA President.
• Priority registration for LGBA Special Events.
• A Special Presidents’ Circle Reception during the LGBA Conference.

A Lifetime Membership to the Presidents’ Circle honours those who pledge $5,000 or more. Payments may be made as a one-time payment or as a pledge to donate over 10 years. Lifetime Members will receive a special lapel pin, when their payments are complete, along with a very special recognition at the annual Presidents’ Circle reception.

To start or renew your LGBA Presidents’ Circle membership, please use the buttons below to donate via PayPal. We have provided three payment options: a one-time payment of $500, two monthly installments of $250 each or four monthly installments of $125 each.

For more information, please contact Adam DeRosa or Robb Blackwell directly at  or through social media channels.


2017-2018 Presidents’ Circle Honor Roll

Judy Ames*
Robb Blackwell*
Adam DeRosa & John Garcia*
Timothy Erickson
Zef Hernandez-Hersh & Aric Hersh*
Debbie Hunt in memoriam
Steve Messina in memoriam*
Julian C. Lander
Jason B. LeBrun & Jason A. Dixon
Doug Litwin*
David E. McBee & George R. Allica*
Gary Moline
Denise Montiel (DWFB) & Eireann Neiheisel
Cliff Norris & Chris Palazzolo
Betsy Smith & Cindy Braunheim*
Kevin Taylor & Michael Moore*
David Tomola*
Blake Velde & Brian Fisher*
Laura Whitbeck*
Russell Ben Williams*
Moira Wilmes & Denni Harp*
Eddie Young*

*indicates Lifetime Members



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