Loren McGlade

Loren McGlade

Pillar of Pride awarded in 2015

Loren McGlade has been described as an “LGBA lifer.” Loren was present in Chicago in 1982 when members of 8 LGBT bands met to form the LGBA. He served on the LGBA Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer for the better part of 20 years. Loren participated in each of the Gay Games, and with Connie Moore, he carried the LGBA banner in the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade. Even after departing the LGBA Board in 2005, Loren continued to attend meetings, offering advice and counsel to successor Treasurers and other leaders. Locally, Loren joined the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band in 1984. Despite an intense travel schedule for work, he remained active until 2011. In late 1988, Loren was one of the founding members of the Jon Sims Endowment Fund for the Performing Arts. He has served on their Board ever since, serving as Treasurer first, and then as President for the past 10 years. He has helped manage LGBA’s endowed funds and assisted in the raising of a secondary round of fundraising for the endowment in the early 2000s.

Loren is among the very small group of individuals who have participated in Gay Games I –through Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany. This effort spanned 28 years and three continents. As a tribute to his many contributions to the Cultural Festival at the Gay Games Loren received a Legacy Medal from the International Federation of Gay Games, in Cologne. Loren may not have been the most visible or outspoken member of LGBA, but nobody can question his dedication and commitment to the organization’s mission. In a world full of volatile non-profit arts organizations, Loren can point to the stability of LGBA for more than 30 years and take a lot of credit for that achievement.

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