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Bringing Pride and Understanding Through Music

Great performances are the most visible manifestation of the LGBT+ band movement. Member bands across the country appear in hundreds of concerts, parades, and community events every year. Member bands in geographic proximity often perform together, and a typical marching schedule will include Pride Parades in several different cities.

Band music was the first true love that brought us together. By uniting people who share this love, bands help create and enhance the “community” its members call home. Through musical performance, LGBA bands make a powerful political statement in a non-political way.

Whether marching or playing a concert, we proudly proclaim We Are Who We Are. LGBA bands are sources of pride within their cities, as well as positive symbols of the same communities.

Making music creates a family where affection is means more than affectional preference. By “banding together,”

LGBA shows that people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities/preferences, ages, creeds, races, and challenges can build a strong community.

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