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As a part of the strategic planning process, your LGBA Board has adjusted its committee structure to better focus our efforts toward the goals of the overall strategic plan.  I am happy to announce the new committee structure and the committee chairs for the Board’s 2017-18 term.  As you can see, we hope to make progress in a number of areas related to our service to member organizations, our internal operations, and our relationship with the world at large.  We also welcome those of you who would like to take part in these endeavors by joining a committee.  Committee service is a great way to make a difference while getting to know others across LGBA.


Administration Committee

Committee Chair: Brandon Gray

Maintains, facilitates, and oversees the operations of the Board of Directors and reviews and recommends changes to the bylaws.


Conference Oversight Committee

Committee Chair: Tim Yanok

Teams with upcoming hosts to assist with annual conferences; acts as a liaison between hosts and the Board; maintains the conference RFP and works with hosts to meet its guidelines; manages the conference scholarship program


Development Committee

Committee Chair: Moira Wilmes

Sets goals for annual fundraising; makes recommendations for and pursues grants and sponsorships; makes financial recommendations to the Treasurer and Board


Executive Committee

Committee Chair: Cliff Norris

Consisting of the elected officers, handles day-to-day business in between Board meetings; sets the agenda for Board meetings; ensures the corporation meets all its legal obligations and deadlines and follows its policies


Information Technology Committee

Committee Chair: Melissa Terrell

Maintains LGBA’s technology resources; explores and recommends new uses of technology in support of the organizational objectives; conducts the Association’s social media platforms


Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Matthew Novotny

Supports and engages with Member Bands and Partner organizations by participating in performance opportunities, networking with leadership, providing information and resources to new bands, and fostering relations among neighboring bands


Professional Networking Committee

Committee Chair: David Doan

Teams with other national LGBTQ+ movements and arts organizations in promoting our respective core values; recommends possible joint projects; and promotes LGBA to these organizations and vice-versa


Special Events Committee

Committee Chair: Patti Calandra

Seek out National and large-scale events in which LGBA and/or LGBA member organizations can participate


Stories and Visibility Committee

Committee Chair: Gwen-Marie Lerch

Develops opportunities to advance our collective LGBT story and advocate for social justice through artistic and musical creation; manages the Pillars of Pride program; and facilitates any commissioned works


Strategic Operations Committee

Committee Chair: Tim Norris and Cliff Norris

Ensures that members of our LGBA Board of Directors and committees are working toward achieving measures that align with the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan

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